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Your Nation’s Daily Guide to Risks, Essential Information and World Events.

Political turbulence, extreme weather conditions, traffic disturbances, natural disasters, major holidays, collective health emergencies, national elections, strikes: An at-a-glance look at world emergencies that allows for further investigation.

This up-to the minute guide provides essential information for the well-prepared traveller or for those seeking updates about must-know events in different countries. Important travel news stories are given a Gold, Silver or Copper status and summarised in brief statements and a giant map (like a weather map) illustrates high-risk areas and global emergencies.
Each episode, is divided into stories from selected countries and includes a zero to ten ‘ risk meter’ for each.
THE TRAVEL HOT SPOTS IS delivered tailor-made to include information pertinent to YOUR country and YOUR Nationals.
THE TRAVEL HOT SPOTS keeps you informed of all potential travel risks around the world.

Genre and Appeal
Delivered daily with regular updates – The TRAVEL HOT SPOTS combines Travel, News and Current Affairs. Tourists, business travellers, globetrotters, and interested armchair viewers acquire instant and essential information to help them decide on and prepare their own route, or simply watch and learn from the comfort of their homes.

THE TRAVEL HOT SPOTS is an ideal format for all platforms – including traditional Television, IPTV, VOD and Cellphone.

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