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In our second installment of Big News, Good News This Morning is tracking a growing movement called The Way, who believe in Jesus as their Savior, and our Storyteller explains how followers of Jesus showed and told others about him, inviting them to believe and follow Jesus, too. By showing and telling others about Jesus, the church grew and spread all over the world.


Conversation Starters for Older BT Lil’ Kids (ages 3+)
These conversation starters help you connect the main idea from the Bible story with your BT Lil’ Kid’s everyday life. These questions are designed for you to be able to share your faith with your child and hear how your child is thinking about God and Jesus.
For PARENT and KID: If you could go anywhere and tell people about Jesus, where would you go?
For PARENT: Share a time when someone showed you Jesus’ love through their actions.
For KID: How would you show and tell others about Jesus?
TOGETHER: Let’s ask God to show us times when we can show others how much Jesus loves them.

Activities for All BT Lil’ Kids
These activities are ways to bring Sunday home and be a part of your BT Lil’ Kids’ world. They are designed to be woven into the fabric of your day as a way to talk about God as you play, bathe, drive, cuddle, and move.
BATHTIME: Put some boats in the bath and have your little one pretend to travel and tell others about Jesus. What would he/she say and do to show others that Jesus loves them?
ON THE GO: As you run errands, point out people around you that you can show and tell about Jesus.

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