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A couple who have spent lockdown converting a campervan and travelling around the UK and parts of Europe. Alex and Emma are the pair behind travel site Travel Beans. They recently travelled across Scotland for a number of weeks, sharing their travels on their Instagram and Youtube

How do the couple stock up when it comes to long journeys?

The couple told they have a fridge in their campervan, and they stick to the basics when it comes to stocking up.

While the couple does stock up with food, they also like to play it by ear to eat locally while on trips.

Alex said: “We really love stopping at little like local street stores and stuff like that to pick up some ingredients. It’s kind of nice.”

He went on: “Especially around Scotland, there’s so much amazing seafood you can just stop and pick up.

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When the couple do cook by their van, they tend to favour recipes requiring minimal prep.

Emma said: “We have hot meals like curries. Something that just you don’t need lots of pots and pans for.”

When it comes to stocking up the fridge, Emma admits, “to be honest we’re not the most organised people in general.”

However, there are some items the couple tend to have in.

Alex said: “There is stuff we always have. We’ve always had pasta, stuff like that.”

The couple also always makes sure to have breakfast ingredients, like bacon and cheese.

The pair detailed their campervan stove set up, which they adapted to make “a little more like camping”.

Emma said: “We kept our kitchen set up very basic anyway.

“We didn’t even install a sink or water taps, because we want to be able to do it a little more like camping.

“We wanted to spend a lot of time outside because the reason we have a campervan is to spend time outside.

“So, it’s really only when it’s raining or rubbish weather that we would be cooking or washing up inside anyway.”

Emma and Alex use a cooking stove, after choosing not to install one in the van.

Emma said: “We use a camping stove, mainly just so we have like the option to like cook outside if we want to. We can use it in the van.”


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