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FLEETWOOD — Cheek Farmstead Creamery located in Fleetwood was declared as having the No. 1 best chocolate milk in North Carolina by Perry James, a chocolate milk enthusiast, connoisseur and food reviewer.

James posted a YouTube video entitled the “Top Ten Chocolate Milks in North Carolina” on May 7, which featured Cheek Farmstead Creamery.

In the video, James said he journeyed to Fleetwood after trying a bottle of Cheek Farmstead Creamery’s chocolate milk which he purchased at The Farmhouse Market in Sugar Grove, Va. He added that he loved the simplicity of the milk because there are only four ingredients: milk, cocoa, sugar and salt.

“I really believe in certain products and this is one of the ones that I would highly endorse. It’s not overly sweet, it’s very chocolatey, the cream is excellent,” James said in the video.“It’s awesome stuff, well done.”

C&C Dairy, located at 499 Am Cheek Road in Fleetwood, has been family- owned and operated dairy farm for over 30 years.

Rodney Cheek said his grandparents bought most of the land in 1911 and in the late 1950s his dad and uncle took over the farm.

“In 1986, I bought my uncle out and took over for my dad in 1997,” Cheek said. “I started farming as soon as I got out of high school. I’ve been farming, soon to be 41 years.”

Cheek said they have enjoyed the publicity they have gotten as a result of the video. The creamery has been operational since August 2016 and Cheek said they have about 40 adult cows.

According to Cheek, they sold their milk in stores owned by Mike Aloia last summer and it wasn’t selling much so they had pulled the chocolate out and dropped it for a little while. Since the YouTube video, Cheek said everybody has been asking for the chocolate milk again and all local stores owned by Aloia are now selling the pints of chocolate milk.

Other stores where Cheek Farmstead Creamery milk products can be found are Lansing Foods, Creston Superette and Bob’s Girl Produce.

Despite COVID-19, people are still able to go to the farm and purchase their products. According to Cheek, there are more people coming now than there were before.

“I’m grateful for everybody that’s tried it and continues to support us,” Cheek said.

For more information about Cheek Farmstead Creamery, visit their Facebook page @Cheekfarmsteadcreamery or their Instagram page @cheekfarmsteadcreamery. They can also be reached by calling (336) 977-0656.

To see the video, click HERE.


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