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Going on holiday to Costa Rica for some much needed winter sun may be a dream for many. But Britons who were supposed to get home in time for Christmas ended up being stranded in San Jose due to their British Airways flight being delayed multiple times.

On December 25, British traveller LJ Fair took to Twitter to share her frustration about being stranded in Costa Rica.

She wrote: “What is going on BA? 26 hour delay. It’s f*** Christmas Eve now and check in is standstill. San Jose – London.

“I’ve kids missing Christmas, bad enough but keep us informed.

“Total joke apparently a broken printer GET A GRIP.” reached out to the furious holidaymaker while she was still in Costa Rica, with her flight “meant to be tonight now”.

LJ said she was travelling with her partner and two children, and they were meant to be home by Christmas eve.

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Unfortunately, their flight was delayed multiple times.

She said: “[We were] meant to be home Christmas Eve. Then [it] was Christmas Day. Now it’s tonight but home tomorrow [Boxing day].” 

The first flight the family was supposed to be in was cancelled due to “technical issue, cracked screen”.

With their flight not taking off, they were taken to a Best western hotel by coach, where it “took over an hour to check in”.


LJ continued: “Then they took us back to the airport yesterday and there was no staff from BA we just stood and waited till finally they checked some in but asked if we’d checked in on-line. No, since online check in hadn’t worked.

“Then they said they couldn’t check us in as [they were experiencing] IT issues. 

“This was all like getting blood from a stone. Then police arrived.”

The rollercoaster didn’t stop there as passengers were told their flight was cancelled again.

LJ said: “They took us back to same hotel, funny that the hotel rooms hadn’t been changed. 

“We were put back in the same room.”

While LJ’s experience was horrible, she said “one couple have a baby and were running low on nappies and food yesterday”.

When passengers finally got on board a flight, they faced more delays.

LJ tweeted to explain: “I can’t believe we’re on board and facing more delays as system is recording less passengers than we should have. Still IT issue. Covid passes on system add to this IT issue apparently.

“So gutted. I want to be home.”

Passengers finally landed in London on Boxing day, and were offered full refund for their flights.

But LJ’s flight to London was not the end of the journey, as the family had to get back to Scotland.

She said: “We’ve now had to change connecting flights twice.”

The entire experience was mad even more “frustrating” as LJ has family in Costa Rica and “could have spent time with them” instead of being stuck in a hotel.

The family spent Christmas in a Best Western hotel, which LJ described as “dated and low on amenities”.

She said: “Walls are paper thin, we could hear the guy next door talking and even signing in the shower.

“I’d definitely want a refund had we paid to stay here.” reached out to British Airways and a spokesperson said: “We would like to send a heartfelt apology to the customers on this flight, who have had their Christmas plans ruined. We will never fly an aircraft unless we feel it is completely safe to do so, and on this occasion, our engineers were unable to clear it to fly. Since then, our teams have been working behind the scenes to do all they can to ensure an aircraft is ready at the earliest opportunity to bring customers to London. We appreciate the patience and the understanding of our customers and our engineers and crew colleagues who have also done all they can to assist.”

They continued: “When customers arrived at Gatwick they were giving a letter to apologise for the delay.

“They were offered a refund and compensation.”



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