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This year has gone pretty fast compared to the previous year – and despite the year not being as covid-free as we would have liked, there were still many great things that happened

So what did happen this year? Well for starters England reached a cup final for the first time since 1966, there was a petrol crisis which saw people filling up cans (and lots of them) forcing others to panic buy.

Festivals went ahead and things finally were getting back to normal.

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Parties that did, or did not, happen are under investigation and Adele finally released a new album for us all to enjoy.

However virus aside, we wanted to look back at other moments from this year be it in film and TV, music, the royals, sport and even world news!

So let’s take a look back at the year 2021 with 50 questions and see how many can you get right…


  1. Who won the Great British Bake Off 2021?

  2. Which singer performed at the The Super Bowl LV halftime show at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida?

  3. In June, high-profile website such as Amazon, Reddit, PayPal and the New York Times suffered a major blackout. They all used the cloud-computing company Fastly, but what caused the issue?
  4. Who won the US Open this year?
  5. Which famous footballer announced in October 2021 that they were having twins?

  6. Which US sitcom reunited drawing in Sky One’s biggest live audience ever of 5.3 million viewers?
  7. Which event in modern pentathlon is being replaces after controversy at the Tokyo Olympics?
  8. Who won this year’s men’s Six Nations?
  9. Which record-breaking album became the fastest-selling of 2021 in its first week of release in November, with 261,000 sales in its first seven days?

  10. Which singer appeared on the F.R.I.E.N.D.S reunion alongside Lisa Kudrow (Pheobe) in the Central Perk cafe singing Smelly Cat?

  11. Who stormed off LIVE on TV after being accused of racism towards Meghan Markle?

  12. Which children’s cartoon character did Boris Johnson mention in his speech leaving everyone baffled?

  13. What did Tom Daley do during the Olympics that “kept him sane”?

  14. On September 15, 2021, four people on board a rocket launched to space and stayed there for three days. The purposes of the mission, according to the mission’s official website, was to raise awareness and funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital as well as to begin “a new era for human spaceflight and exploration.” What was the mission called and who were the four people on board?
  15. Which Team GB sport took home the most medals?
  16. Which European country change the colour of their flag yet it went largely unnoticed?

  17. What famous movie cast is reuniting in 2022 featuring Emma, Daniel and Rupert?
  18. Wout Van Aert won the final stage of this year’s Tour de France in Paris meaning Mark Cavendish missed out on the chance to claim a tour record 35 stage wins and matching the current record holder. But what is the name of the cyclist that hold the current record?

  19. In Line of Duty, who was revealed to be H?

  20. What word was spelt wrongly in Line of Duty?

  21. On which date did Prince Philip pass away?
  22. What did Harry and Meghan Markle call their daughter?
  23. What did Facebook change their name to?
  24. Which actor went to space aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket for 10 minutes – and what age were they?

  25. More than 600 journalists from almost 120 countries came together to investigate financial documents from 35 current and previous leaders as well as more than 300 public officials. It consisted of information on offshore accounts and laundering activities. What were these Papers called?
  26. Which city hosted COP26?
  27. Name the viral sea shanty sensation who reached number one in the UK singles chart.

  28. Who sold out every night in Glasgow for his upcoming comedy tour?
  29. Spider-Man: No Way Home was released on December 15 in cinemas however tickets sold out fast. Due to such a high demand, people took to eBay to sell their tickets. How much were they being sold for?
  30. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds welcomed a baby girl on December 9. What is her name?

  31. Which fast food chain famously ran out of milkshakes and caused many to panic – and some to laugh at the panic?

  32. Who was inaugurated as President into the White House and on what date?

  33. Celebrity Chef ‘Salt Bae’ went viral for his signature move where he filmed himself sprinkling salt on meat. He later opened a restaurant in London nut the prices did not go down well with anyone. How much did the controversial steak cost?

  34. Which singer finally broke free from her 13-year legal conservatorship this year which gave her father and others control of her financial and health decisions?
  35. Which Christmas advert was ranked as the ‘most memorable’ by Scots?

  36. What was the name of the Scottish Love Island contestant who was the first to be booted out the villa this year?
  37. Which movie was adapted by Steven Spielberg this year and takes place in 1957’s New York City?

  38. Who won I’m A Celeb 2021?

  39. Which Lady Gaga ad-libbed line went viral from the House of Gucci trailer?
  40. Which UK city was voted the friendliest twice this year alone by travel guides?
  41. Who won Strictly Come Dancing 2021?

  42. Who were the runners up of Strictly Come Dancing 2021?

  43. During the COP26 climate change summit, what did the US delegates taste test?
  44. In the Netflix hit series Squid Game, who was the mastermind behind the games?

  45. Who was Adele reunited with on stage as a surprise during ‘A Night With Adele’?

  46. What Glasgow building was used as the fictional headquarters of Police Scotland in BBC’s Vigil?

  47. There was controversy this year when Marks and Spencer took out a law-suit against Aldi for two items – one was food and another was a drink. Can you remember what these two items are?
  48. Who won the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, which country did they represent and how many points did they score?
  49. What is the name of the sculptor who created a statue of Diana, Princess of Wales which was unveiled in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace by Harry and William?

  50. And finally, due to the cancellation on London’s New Year’s fireworks display, something else will take place to chime in 2022 – but what will this be?

If you can’t answer they survey above, click here.


  1. Giuseppe Dell’Anno
  2. The Weekend – real name Abel Makkonen Tesfaye
  3. According to the BBC, Fastly said the bug was triggered when one of its customers had changed their settings which resulted in the major blackout and lasted about an hour

  4. Emma Raducanu

  5. Cristiano Ronaldo

  6. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
  7. Showjumping
  8. Wales
  9. Adele 30

  10. Lady Gaga
  11. Piers Morgan

  12. Peppa Pig
  13. Knitting and crochet

  14. Inspiration4 – Jared Issacman, Haley Arceneaux, Sian Proctor and Chris Sembroski
  15. Swimming – they took home eight in total, four of which were gold

  16. France
  17. Harry Potter

  18. Eddy Merckx

  19. DSU Ian Buckells

  20. Definitely however it was spelt as ‘defiently’

  21. April 9, 2021

  22. Lilibet Diana

  23. Meta

  24. William Shatner, 90

  25. Pandora Papers

  26. Glasgow
  27. Nathan Evans
  28. Kevin Bridges – you can read all about that here

  29. £15,000 – you can read all about the ticket chaos here

  30. Romy Iris Charlotte Johnson

  31. It was McDonalds – you can watch the hilarious video here
  32. Joe Biden on January 20, 2021
  33. £800
  34. Britney Spears
  35. Irn-Bru’s ‘The Snowman’ Christmas advert – you can read all about that here

  36. Shannon Singh

  37. West Side Story (2021)

  38. Danny Miller

  39. “Father, Son, and House of Gucci”

  40. Glasgow – yep we were voted the friendliest city twice by Conde Nast Traveller and Rough Guides

  41. Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice

  42. John Whaite and Johannes Radebe

  43. Irn-Bru, Haggis and deep fried Mars Bar – you can read all about that here

  44. Player 001

  45. Her English teacher, Ms McDonald

  46. The old City of Glasgow College campus was being used as its fictional headquarters – you can read all about that here

  47. Gin and Colin the Caterpillar. Marks & Spencer are suing Aldi for allegedly copying their ‘Light Up’ gin – a new law suit which comes just eight months after the retailers also took out a law suit against the budget chain supermarket for copying their Colin the Caterpillar cake and calling it Cuthbert – you can read all about that here

  48. Måneskin won for Italy and scored 524 points

  49. Ian Rank-Broadley

  50. Big Ben will bong

Did you get all of the answers right? Let us know how many you got in the comments!


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