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Verizon’s new C-Band network will come in less-expensive forms from Visible and US Mobile, the carriers confirmed.

Verizon’s new 5G plans are designed for families or groups. They cost $45 to $55 per month if you have four lines, but $80 to $90 per month if you only have one. Its top-of-the-line plan will have no throttling on your primary device.

Visible and US Mobile offer cheaper options for single-line users. Visible, which is owned by Verizon, costs $40 per month for a single line or $25 per month for four or more. 5G on Visible is capped to 200Mbps, so you won’t see the 1Gbps peak speeds Verizon claims on the new network, but you will see the 90-170Mbps average speeds Verizon is quoting.

US Mobile has no initial speed caps on its “Unlimited All” plans, which cost $45 a line for a single line, $30 for two lines, or $25 for three or more lines. However, your speeds will get somewhat reduced if you use more than 75GB on your primary device per month.

Verizon’s own-branded plans do include more free streaming entertainment service subscriptions than US Mobile’s plans do, which improves their value if you use those services.

The new network, which launches in 46 major metro areas on Jan. 19, is anticipated to increase Verizon phone performance by at least 2-3x for users on the network. We have a full rundown about which phones will work with it and where.

The launch of C-Band networks from Verizon and AT&T have been delayed for six weeks because of conflicts with the Federal Aviation Administration, which got worked out earlier this week. C-Band is only one of several bands used for 5G; neither the carriers’ low-band 5G networks, T-Mobile’s mid-band, or millimeter-wave have been affected by the FAA conflict.


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