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A totalitarian state is one in which only the government determines what is “correct” or “appropriate.”

That government applies either physical restraint or incentives to accomplish its goal of submission and control.

What is happening in our society? Our government has determined that gatherings be stopped or reduced, military members be discarded, injections mandated, limits of free speech imposed, government and pharmaceutical agencies be exempted from lawsuit and our borders remain porous. Our leaders tell us to take a chance “JAB” and wear face masks when they appear exempt from the mandate.

Our government has imposed limited availability of fossil fuels affecting travel, food production, heating and manufacture, and determined that electric vehicles will replace fossil fueled transportation, causing financial hardship. Even though a large percentage of Americans are unable to afford such transition, we are to endure. These impositions encourage dissatisfaction and place blame on those that have worked hard to achieve in an effort to exert control.

Now I ask: Are we Americans losing our freedom through over control? Do you consider yourself as free now as you were a few years past? Only you, the American can answer.

David F. Barrows



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