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One way for fans to get to know a little more about the future Martha Kalifatidis and Jules Robinson’s of the world, is to chuck them a follow on Instagram. And do a little stalking.

Which new contestant already has a big following? Who has a cute dog? And who has somewhat suspiciously deleted all of their posts for a fresh start ahead of the show?

Scroll through for the answers as we investigate each contestant’s social media presence.

domenica mafs


Domenica (@domenica.calarco)

Kicking off with Domenica, this make-up artists already boasts 12,000 followers as a beauty influencer. Her posts are often trend-focused on beauty and fashion, though they’re sure to include images of her “husband” in just a few days time.



Ella (@ellamayding)

With 3,000 followers, Ella’s Instagram is a mix of cute selfies, photos with friends and golden hour snaps. 

holly mafs instagram


Holly (@hollygreenstein)

36-year-old Cinema Manager Holly has an Instagram feed filled with love for her friends, family and adventures around the world. From her nieces to her days well spent with girlfriends, Holly’s wholesome Instagram has 1,300 followers at the moment.

olivia frazer


Olivia (@olivefrazer)

27-year-old Teaching Student Olivia doesn’t have too many posts on her page, with a handful of family photos and cute selfies. You might gleam from her sibling snaps, but her brother is Tommy Frazer from Bondi Rescue.

samantha mafs


Samantha (@samanthamoitzi)

Amid the selfies and photos with friends, one thing is clear: Samantha loves the beach and travel. Like most people on the ‘gram, her grid is filled with photos from both of those outdoorsy things. A crowd-pleaser.



Selin (@selinmengu_)

Single mother Selin is proud of her two-year-old son, Roman, and her Instagram certainly shows it! Posting regularly about her “sweet boy” to her 1,200 followers, it’s clear she loved being a mum.

selina chhaur


Selina (@selina_chhaur)

A hairdresser with her own YouTube Channel, it’s only fitting that Selena already boasts a couple of thousand followers thanks to her fun posts. With a mix of travel, fashion and food on her grid, it’s clear the 33-year-old enjoys having adventures. 



Tamara (@tamara_djordjevec_)

“Sassy” businesswoman Tamara’s Instagram consists of three key things: killer selfies, drinks with the girls, and her dog Zeus. With two Instagram Stories Highlights of her pup, it’s fair to say we’re enjoying her ‘gram so far.

Al (@al.perkins)

Adventures. Sport. Wearing a red beret in front of the Eiffel Tower. The youngest of this year’s contestants, it’s no surprise Al’s Instagram is filled with photos from his travels and adventures in recent years. And the occasional shot with a cute god, for good measure. The makings of a perfect Hinge profile if this whole “married on reality TV” thing doesn’t work out.


Nine Network

Andrew (Not to be all formal but: N/A)

This Texan contestant doesn’t have Instagram and we would just like to say that’s suspicious. Next!



Anthony (@anthonycincotta_)

What’s more suspicious? Having no account, or having an account with a single photo? Either this contestant deleted all of his photos or he’s brand new to the ‘gram. All we wanted was to see his pro-wrestling photos, but it seems we’ll have to wait until Anthony shares them on the show. Damn.



Brent (@brentleon_)

Okay, BRENT. This is more like it. 50,000 followers and a whole bunch of influencer-esque photos from his life in Dubai. Would recommend a scroll.



Cody (@codybromley)

Cody’s Instagram has all of your classics. Best Man photos, hiking trail photos, and of course, the budgy smuggler snap. Although, his come complete with actual birds so we’re throwing it a 10/10.

jack mafs instagram


Jack (@jackomillar)

With absolutely nothing else to go off, we’re calling Jack our early favourite based on this photo alone. And it’s not the only stellar snap of his dog, Finn. He knows how to serve up the like-worthy goods to his 1,400 followers.

jackson mafs


Jackson (@jacklonie1)

Hello, Jackson, owner of several hats and occasional moustache fan. Well, that’s pretty much what we’ve gleamed from his Instagram – which currently has 1,200 followers.

mitch mafs


Mitch (@mnaud)

Last but not least is Mitch, whose Instagram is filled with shirtless snaps and selfies with perfect hair. Considering his MAFS bio says he works as a part-time model, we’re not surprised he’s perfected the art of the blue steel. 

Married At First Sight Australia premieres January 31, 7:30pm on Nine Network and 9Now.


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