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As you open up the door of Whitespace Artistic Company on Raymond Njoku, Falomo, Ikoyi this Thursday afternoon, what strikes the imagination is the white linen fabric showcasing poems screen-printed on canvas hanging.

The hanging poems tell several personal stories for the viewer to expertise, though strolling as a result of the area, which is a physical illustration of the metaphor “hanging your filthy laundry in general public.”

Two women are washing outfits in basins inside of the hall and there is a discover on the wall inviting other individuals to provide their dirty laundry: The sight of the hung installations —- unframed prints —- throws back to when houses experienced cloth calendars.


The present, which was held from April 28 to 30, 2022, was in collaboration with Ford Foundation, the international, grant-bestowing philanthropy that operates to disrupt inequality in all its sorts.

The project, having survived the pandemic- comes alive, beaming light-weight on deeply agonising stories of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

In presenting Soiled Laundry, Wana Udobang’s major expectation is that the function connects with just about every individual, in which he or she demands it the most. She places a caveat: “To wash one’s soiled laundry in public” is often employed about shame.

In this situation, on the other hand, the poet subverts the narrative, generating a platform for challenging discussions.

“The do the job will strike most people in different ways,” she mentioned. “I’m inquiring you to sit with your irritation.”

The travelling exhibition curated by Naomi Edobor, which was held in a few towns across Nigeria, aimed at celebrating this year’s women’s month and 16 days of activism in opposition to gender-centered violence.

In the demonstrate, Udobang invites her company to study intently what is deemed disgraceful, why it is so, and what is left when the notion is permitted to go.

It interweaves individual histories, familial complexities, and gender-dependent problems. Stories some strap to their chests or only relay in lamentable whispers are out in the open and central to the performs presented.

“I like to simply call it a documentation of my personal heritage and individuals of other people,’’ stated Wana at the opening. “But I didn’t see myself as an artist. And as we grow, we generally look for permission in our minds. I kept shoving the strategy to the back of my mind. In 2020, I ultimately considered of the strategy of putting that filthy laundry in general public. It is a metaphor of shame putting your business out for everybody to see.’’

The poet stated: “Every working day, we see how our cultures and societies repress the voices of women of all ages and girls. We keep on to lose ladies and women to sexual and personal associate violence. I feel in Nina Simone’s statement that ‘an artist must reflect the times’. As an artist, I hope this exhibition is not only documenting and reflecting the insidious techniques that females are violated in the two our domestic and community lives but that it displays the means we utilise imagination to mend.”

When requested if washing filthy laundry in public wouldn’t rob the survivor of own dignity, Wana responded with rhetorical thoughts.

“Who determines private dignity? Who states what is dignified and what is not? I really do not feel it is by drive to share matters. I have normally wanted to interrogate the plan of what is dignified, and what is classy. When is it dignity and when is it that we are hiding shame? Our lifestyle is preoccupied with perfection or the look of perfection. We are extremely very good performers-we carry out best households. We cry within,’’ she reported. In her watch, the culture towards gender-based mostly violence and abuse of minors require to improve – erasing stigma- in advance of rules can be powerful.

The installation will also consist of thought-provoking performances that discover difficulties all around womanhood, sexual and gender violence, female agency, therapeutic, and re-creativeness.

To Udobang, the undertaking is about reclamation. “Liberation is my goal,” she reported. “And it is a observe. Every day I’m practising a life that is about personalized freedom. Maybe somebody sees it, and they are inspired in some way or they are pressured to liberate on their own.”

From Thick Skin to ‘Dorathy’ and the cringe-worthy piece, Epitaph for Ladies Who Want to Continue to be A Tiny Lengthier, the poet interrogates abuses and the trauma, thereafter.

The poems go on to detail moments of emotional and psychological trauma. Photo this: a father who suspects his tea has been poisoned presents it to his daughter to consume so that, at the very least, he won’t be the a person to die. It is no marvel “families are everybody’s 1st war,”

“I hope that in my sharing these ordeals in poetry, far more folks sense courage. Silence thrives in loneliness and isolation. There are a whole lot of issues that took place to females and we are encouraged not to speak about it.

All people is heading by means of the exact factors in their households and they are tranquil. The violence and assault carry on to prosper because we are not speaking. Almost nothing is transforming. If we can all put our filthy laundry out there, then a thing can begin to shift,’’ she reported.

UDOBANG, popularly regarded as Wana Wana, also, spends time in London. She unveiled three spoken-word albums titled, Filthy Laundry, In Memory of Forgetting and Transcendence.

Her do the job as a performer has taken her throughout Africa, Europe and the US, along with working on commissions for Edinburgh Global Competition, Deutsches Museum in Germany and other individuals.

In 2021, she was awarded the Worldwide Producing programme residency at the University of IOWA.

Udobang also has a history in journalism working as a freelancer with Aljazeera, CNN, and Observer as nicely as creating and presenting documentaries for BBC Radio4 and BBC Planet Assistance.

For around 6 several years she worked as a well-liked radio host at 92.3 Inspiration FM in Lagos broadcasting to more than five million listeners day-to-day. Her operate in film involves the documentaries Sensitive Pores and skin, Warriors and Nylon.

Udobang also operates The Comfort Foods poetry workshop, which works by using recollections all over food as a conduit to make new poems. She also curates Tradition Diaries an archival task which employs multi-system storytelling to document African artists. Extra to her innovative do the job, Wana is a speaker, teacher, workshop facilitator and resourceful consultant. She loves to travel, food stuff, wine, art and experience.


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